thumbnailCAG8NVDX.jpg1. Encyclopedia Britannica
2. World Atlas
3. Canadian Atlas
4. Student Dictionary and Thesaurus
6. Internet and Computer Glossary
7. Enchanted Learning
8. Ducksters Education

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1. Kid Rex - Google for Kids
2. Kids Click
3. Fact Monster
4. Safe Search - Images web, games
5. Kiddle

1. National Geographic for Kids
2. Animal Corner
3. Kids Planet Animal fact sheets
4. Animals - Science for Kids
5. A-Z Animals
6. Kids Planet - Animal Fact Sheets
7. Soft Schools Animal Facts

1. Harcourt Biographies
2. Library Spot Biographies
3. Who2 Biographies

Canadian Space Technology
1. Macleans - Canadian Space Inventions
2.Canadian Space Agency- Canadarm
3.Canada's Role in Space
4.Canadian Space Agency
5.Space Exploration
6.Canadian Encyclopedia - Space Technology

Canadian Explorers
1. Enchanted Learning
2.Canadian Museum of History
3. The Canadian Encyclopedia

1. Classroom Clipart
2. Clipart for Schools
3. WP Clipart
4. Pics 4 Learning
5. Open Clipart

Discovery Kids Weather
The Weather Dude
Weather Whiz Kids
Science Kids
Weather Channel Kids
Weather for Kids
Young Meteorologist
Web Weather for Kids

1. Saints A-Z
2. American Catholic Saints
3. Catholic Saints
4. Catholic Encyclopedia
5. Catholic Pages
6. Maria Soledad
7. Saints for Kids - Fun Facts
8. Holy Spirit Interactive
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1. Science Kids
2. Science Fair Adventure
3. All Science Fair Projects
4. Science Fair Projects World
5. Homework Spot - Science Fair
6. Discovery Education
7. Extreme Science
8. Create a Graph
9. Biology for Kids
10. Biology for Kids

1. Exploring Extreme Environments
2. Grade 6
3. Volcanoes - Nationall Geographic
4. Life in Extreme Environments
5. Life in the Ocean
6. Deserts
7. BBC-Extreme Environments
8. Nelson-Unit 9 Extreme Environment Websites

1. Countries of the World
2. The World Factbook
3. Countries of the World - Fact Monster
4. Christmas Around the World
5. Christmas Cultures
6. Merry Christmas in different languages
7. List of Christmas Dishes
8. Country Reports
9. National Geographic for Kids - Countries
10. Kids Web Japan
11. A Kid's Life in Japan
12. Why Christmas

Human Body
How the Body Works
Science for Kids
Easy Science for Kids
Kids Biology
Soft School-Biology
Kids Connect
National Geographic
Interesting Facts

Five Senses - Facts
Kid Cyber Senses
Make Me Genius - VideothumbnailCAAPW1BB.jpg
Schooltube - Video
Science Kids
Science With Me
Duckster - Sight and Eye
Ducksters - Hearing and the Ear
Ducksters Smelling and Taste
Ducksters - the skin
Anatomy of the Eye
About Canada
1. Prime Ministers of Canada
2. Prime Ministers
3. Prime Ministers for Kids
4. Kid Zone Canadian Provinces
5. Canada for Kids
6. B.C. Conservative Party
7. B.C. Liberal Party
8. B.C. NDP
9. B.C. Green Party

1. World Religions for Children
2. United Religions Initiative
3. Social Studies for Kids - Religion

Egyptian Culture
1. Discovering Egypt
2. NOVA Pyramids
3. Ancient Egypt for Kids
4. Mysteries of Egypt
5. Ancient Egypt
6. Egypt for Kids
7. Ancient Egpt - British Museums
8. Odyssey
9. 114 Ancient gods of Egypt
10.Kidipede Ancient Civilizations

BBC Science Clips
Kids Love 2 Learn
Bill Nye Sound
Science Kids
NEO K-12
Ducksters- Basics of Sound
Science Kids at Home
PBS Kids Video
Kids Konnect - Sound
Kids Builder
Vibration Science Video
Watch Know Learn -Videos
Magic School Bus Video
Fun Science Video
Spectrum Analyzer Video
Sound Waves Info
Acoustic Science
Hearing Test
How Your Brain Understands What Your Ear Hears

1. Bibme - AWESOME Tool!!!!

Mrs. T's
Researching and Making Presentations
Searching the Web
How to Research