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Smartboard Sitestp1.jpg
1. SMART Exchange
2. Teachers Love Smartboards Notebook lessons, tips and tricks, web resources and tutorials
3. Scholastic Interactive Whiteboard Activities
4. PBS Interactive Whiteboard Games
5. Blossom LearningOnline Smartboard Course
6. Teacher LED
7. Smartboard Templates
8. Super Teacher Tools Classroom management tools (random name generator, seating chart, groupmaker) Create your own games
9. Smartboard Lessons Podcast
10. Class Dojo Classroom management - point system, email parents reports
11. Wordy Woods Wall
12. Notebook Gallery NEW
13. Notebook 11 Training
14. Smartboard Self Paced Courses
15. Mrs. Treichler's Wiki - Smart Notebook 11

Lesson Planning Apps
Knowmia create, share, and view video lessons via an iPad app
Blendspace collect web-based resources into one handy location to share
Lessonpaths share and curate playlists of theme-based web resources
Classroom Tools

Language Arts Primary
1. Literacy interactive resources for Primary Schools
2. Mighty Books
3. Speakaboos
4. Common/Proper Noun Basketball
5. Letter Sounds - Blends
6. Blends
7. Short Vowels
8. Long Vowels
9. Star Words A game to help kids identify the"shape"of words
10. Interactive Poems
11. Learning Today Included are phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, vocabulary and reading comprehension.
12. **Storymaker**
13. We Give Books You read a book, they donate a book to a child in need. GREAT SITE!!
14. English Alphabet
15. Guided Reading Guided reading stories, literacy worksheets, interactive reading games
16. The Story Home Audio Stories

Language Intermediate
1. **Compare and Contrast Map**
2. Adjective Detective
3. What Are Nouns

Various Subjects and/or Multiple Grade Levels
1. Internet 4 Classrooms Great resource for internet activities (language and math) at all grade levels
2. Gamequarium Hundreds of games - topics: Language,Math, Music, Science, Social Studies
3. ABC Ya K-5 sorted by grade, Dolch words, sight words, decimals, fractions just a few of the topics covered
4. I Know That Free Trial
5. ReadWriteThink Explore resources by grade - great resources
6. **Thinkfinity** Explore resources by grade AWESOME
7. Teq Smart Educators Resources Lessons

1. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Uses virtual math manipulatives for all grade levels (base ten blocks)
2. AAA MathK-7 Math lessons
3. Math Advantage K-7 math games
4. E-Lab Grade 3-6 Math
5. Illuminations Activities - Math NEW
6. Shodor Interactive
7. Math Live Lessons, strategies,Some of the topics covered: place value, multiplication, patterns, area, perimeter, time, fractions (base ten blocks) ect.
8. Learning Today Teacher Toolbox K-7
9. Smartboard Geometry
10.. Wowzers Wowzers combines adaptive math instruction with engaging, game-based collaboration. !!NEW!!

11.Gamequarium Learning Games, Ebooks, Videos, Printables - Topics: Language,Math, Music, Science, Social Studies
12.Read Write Think Organizing and Summarizing, Inquiry and Analysis, Writing Poetry,Writing & Publishing Prose,Learning About Language
13. Test Writing Strategies Grades 1-6
14. Woodlands Literacy Center* NEW* Multiple grade levels
15. Scholastic Story Starters
16. Sadlier-Oxford Phonics
17. Elements of a Story
18. Spelling City Add your class spelling list
19. **BBC Skillswise** Possible Learning Assistance resource
20. BBC Bitesize English Possible Learning Assistance resource Play, Read, Quiz format
21. **The Alphabetizer** Alphabetizes anything, print lists
22. **E-Learning Kids** K-6
23. Brainstorming made simple

Math Primarytp6.jpg
1. Time Monsters
2. Math Playground Math Games, word problems
3. Place Value Tutorial Uses base ten blocks
4. Math Toy Box Pattern Blocks NEW
5. Count Us In Helps children understand basic number concepts
6. Kid Port Math Grade 2
7. Think Math Grade 2
8. Interactive Learning Clock
9. Base 10
10. Clock

Math Intermediate
1. Interactive Math Dictionary Has an interactive component to explain math definitions
2. Math 6 Spy Guys Lessons, strategies, glossary Some topics covered: Area, factors, graphs, probability, ratio, angles, fractions ect.
3. Math Interactives Numbers, patterns and relations, shapes and space,stats and probability
4. Fractions Made Easy
5. Math Libs
6. Visual Fractions
7. Protractor
8. Decimal Squares Interactive Games
9. Calculation Nation

Social Studies
1. Map Skills
2. Ancient Egypt Virtual Tours 360-degree and other imagery, walk around the Sphinx, enter the Great Pyramid, visit tombs and temples, and more
3. Nova Pyramids.
4. Canadian Virtual Museums
5. Canada for Kids
6. Slackbeard's Treasure Hunt - coordinates

1. Kids Astronomy
2. Discover Engineering
3. NASA Virtual Tour of the Moon
4. Solar System 3D Geocentric, panoramic, heliocentric views of the solar system
5. Star Date Nasa for Kids Videos, images and lots of info
6. Spacesuits - clickable learn about each individual part of a spacesuit
7. Space Sounds listen to actual recordings from NASA missions
8. Station Spacewalk Game
9. Apollo 11 Mission 3D interactive Videos, images and audio communication of the Apollo 11 mission
1. Canadian Weather Office
2. WaterCycle
3. WeatherWizKids
4. The Weather Channel for Kids
5. Scholastic Weather Watch

Simple Machines
1. MI Kids
2. Neok12 Videos, games, quiz
3. Dialogue for Kids

Earth Science
1. Virtual Volcano
2. Earth Alerts Shows current information on natural disasters
3. Science Fair Teacher Resources

1. Shows panoramic views of places around the world
2. Airpano Panoramic views
3. National Geographic Videos
4. Khan Academy 2700 educational videos
5. Teacher Tube
6. Watch, Know, Learn Free Educational Videos
7. How it Works Educational videos
Teacher Resource Sitestp8.jpg
1. KB Teachers 1 year free trial -Primary grades
2. Math Fact Cafe
3. Super Teacher Worksheets
4. Teachnology Online Teacher Resource
5. Teacher Created Resources
6. The Teacher's Corner
7. ABC Teach
8. AtoZ Teacher Stuff
9. ESLBase
10. **Fiction Teachers** Classroom theatre, lesson plans, poetry theatre. Fun site
11. Teacher Vision
12. The Amazing Classroom
13. Teachers Pay Teachers
14. Teacher's Notebook
15. Quiz Star-Create Online Quizzes and Organize Results
16. Expand your curriculum with timesaving educational resources that use technology to improve instruction across all content areas and grade levels.
17. Certificate Street
18. Super Teacher Awards
19. 123 Certificates
20. ABC Teach Awards
21. Certificates for Teachers - Award Builder
22. Printable Awards
23. SEN Teacher Certificate Maker
24. Communication 4 All
IPad Apps for Education NEW!!4.
25. Instant Display - Free Bulletin Board Letters
26. Twisty Noodle Colouring pages and worksheets
27. ISLCollective Free ESL worksheets