Cool Resources
1. Xenra youtube video converter - mp3 limit 3/day
2. Video2mp3 unlimited but lots of ads on page
3. Minutes.IO Good resource for taking minutes at meetings =]
4. LOVE THIS!! It allows you to save web pages for later use,It lets you highlight and annotate any portion of a webpage,It lets you easily organize & find saved research with tags,legends & search you can access research from anywhere because it's saved online in the cloud. It offers a bookmarklet that you can put in any browser!
5. Zoom it zooms in pictures with a URL
6. Wall Wisher online notice board maker
7. Word TalkFree text-to-speech plugin for Microsoft Word
8. Tildee Create your own tutorials
9. EngradeEngrade is a comprehensive grade book program complete with tools to create quizzes, wiki pages, calendars, flash cards, create discussions and send messages to and from students, parents
10. Capzles social storytelling
11. Quizlet Make your own flashcards
12. Plickers
13. Pizap photo editing
14. Speechable add a speech bubble to a photo
15. Tag Galaxy unique photo search
16. Dumpr cool photo effects
17. Chart Gizmo create charts online
18. Evernote
19. 1001 Free Fonts
20. Glogster
21. Xtranormal
22. Voicethread
23. Prezi
24. Audacity
25. Blabberize
26. MS Photo Story
27. Scratch
28. ToonDoo
29. GoAnimate
30. Diigo
31. Edmodo
32. Moodle
33. Bookemon

Computer Art

ABC YA Word Clouds for Primary
Sumo Paint create digital art
Tagxedo makes word clouds
Cartoonize Turn any picture into a cartoon
Picasso Head
Crossword Puzzle Maker
Big Huge Labs -Make motivational posters
Kerpoof Art tool for younger students
Geo Greeting Make messages using Google Earth
Super Lame
Mosaic Maker
Block Posters
Go Animate
Big Huge Labs
Make your own Coat of Arms
My Fun Cards

Mrs. T's Technology Games and Info
Primary Games Arena
Sheppard Software
Find the Technology Computer vocabulary games
Computer Parts
Zoe and Molly - Internet Safety
Tech Terms Dictionary
Click and Learn (inside computer)
Tech Buzzwords
Katie's Computer Level 1
Booker's Room Level 2

IPad Apps
40 IPad Apps
Apps for Dyslexia and Learning Difficulties
Apps for Children with Special Needs
Occupational Therapy Apps
OT's with Apps
App Advice
Complete guide to educational and special needs apps
Children's Tech : Fine Motor Skills
107 Favorite iPad Apps for K-8
OT Apps for Classroom PDF
Apps for Autism
OT Apps
Ipads in Schools
Apps in Education
Print Central

Wiki Tutorials
Wiki Help Page
Wiki Videos Instructional videos for teachers who want to create their own wiki. Use the drop down menu to watch a specific video.
Teacher's First Wiki Walk Through
Teacher's First Wiki
Examples of Educational Wikis