This year, in the computer lab, we are working on improving the students' keyboarding skills. If you don't have TTL4 on your computers at home, encourage your kids to play the games below so they'll be SUPER - DOUPER TYPERS!

The document file below is what is used in the lab to help students understand proper finger positioning on the keyboard. Feel free to print it out and keep it in front of your computer. =]

Three things to remind your children when typing at home:
1. Good Posture - feet on the ground, sitting straight in your chair
2. Good Hands - keep wrists straight and fingers on Home Row ( ASDF - JKL; )
3. Look ahead at the screen - use the keyboarding chart to help find your keys

Kindergarten - Grade 2
1.Big Brown Bear Keyboard Game
2.Marcelino's Letters
3.Keyboard Climber
4.Keyboard Climber 2
5.Alpha Munchies
6.Typing Games
7. Bubble Typing
8. Type a Balloon
9. Keyboard Ninja
Grade 3 to Grade 7

1. Dance Mat Typing Great for teaching children Home Row
2. Bubbles Typing Good for practicing
3. Keyboarding Games - Variety
4. Typing Monster
5.. Spider Typing
6. Alpha Munchies
7. Desert Typing Racer
8. Treasure Dive
9. Peter's Online Typing Course
10. Keyboard Invasion
11. Typing test
12. Kidz Type - Typing LessonsGreat for practice at home
13. Kidz Type - Typing Excercises
14. Kidz Type - Typing Practice
15. Kidz Type - Typing Games
16. Keybr Typing Program

Mouse Games
1. Bees and Honey Mouse GameimagesCAJEN9UY.jpg
2. Minimouse
3. Mouse Skills
4.Blooples Colours